LoofCo Large Coconut Coir Scrubbing Brush


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An effective, natural coconut scrubbing brush for your eco home, made from coconut coir, a tough but natural fibre perfect for cleaning those hard, dried-on items.  

The LoofCo Large Scrubbing Brush is a coconut coir brush in a horseshoe shape, making it easy to grip. The Coconut Coir is twisted around a galvanised metal, rustproof core which is fully recyclable with a metal loop for hanging up, enabling easy drying and storage. It is handmade, robust and durable, just what we want when scrubbing tiles, decking or patio furniture. This 100% natural brush is grown on farms in Sri Lanka, where workers are paid a fair wage and benefits. This plastic-free scrubbing brush is a brilliant eco-swap for your sustainable home and garden.  

  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Biodegradable and compostable at home
  • Recyclable metal core
  • Plastic-free
  • Vegan-friendly, certified by the Vegan Society
  • Size: 10cm x 15.5cm
  • Made in Sri Lanka

LoofCo is a company focussed on ethical sustainability. They create effective Loofah and Coconut cleaning products which are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, great eco swaps minimising plastic usage and creating a more sustainable kitchen and eco bathroom. These 100% plastic free products are great for low waste lifestyles. They are made at ethical farms in Egypt, and Sri Lanka, where workers are paid a fair wage and no children are exploited. So you know these products are good for you, good for the people who make them, and good for our planet.

This vegan-friendly brush is eco-friendly too, using biodegradable materials that will provide months of efficient cleaning. Once the brush has worn away, it can easily be recycled once the brush has worn away.

This brush was handmade in Sri Lanka; supporting traditional crafting skills as well as fair wages for workers and industry for villages.

Usage Instructions: Rinse the brush thoroughly before the first use. Use in warm, soapy water. When done, rinse through and shake out excess food particles. Hang in a dry area from the metal hook.

After use, rinse and shake out excess water and any food particles and hang to dry from the metal loop. Occasionally soak in hot water with washing-up liquid and air dry to freshen brush. Very long lasting in normal use and when worn out the fibres are biodegradable and core can be recycled. 

Dimensions approx.: 7cm x 10cm

Made using coir coconut fibre and a rust-proof galvanised metal core

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Handmade in Sri Lanka


About LoofCo

LoofCo products are skilfully hand crafted in Sri Lanka and Egypt by small producers. Using natural materials from the luffa plant and the coconut tree LoofCo offer a natural plastic free alternative to regular scrubbers with a unique range of biodegradable & recyclable pads, brushes & accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & body. Effective cleaning and designs that have been proven over generations LoofCo products are fairly traded, grown to organic standards and packaged in recyclable material. Production methods support traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages.