Organic Cotton Eye Pillow by Slow Moon

Slow Moon

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Patterned Organic Cotton Eye Pillow with machine washable removal cover. 

Can be heated or cooled for relaxation. They are designed and made by hand and filled with UK farmed wheat and linseed. Made in a London studio by Slow Moon.

These beautifully designed organic cotton pillows are super soft and so perfect for use as a yoga eye pillow or as relief by soothing and comforting aches and pains anywhere on the body. Ideal for relaxing tired eyes and if used cold, it can alleviate puffiness around the eyes.

100% Natural – Cover is printed in the UK on GOTS certified organic cotton using azo-free dyes. Inner bag is GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from a UK supplier. Label is organic cotton. Packaging is UK printed on recycled paper.


  • Weighted and filled with UK farmed Wheat and Linseed
  • Use for yoga & relaxation
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Removable cover - simply wash at 30°
  • Who said eye pillow!? These can be used all over the body! Sprained ankle? Use it to raise and reduce the swelling. Headache? Use as a cold compress! Back ache? This pillow is incredible warmed through.

Dimensions 22cm x 10cm
Weight 200g

– To relax tired eyes and alleviate puffiness
– To help you fall asleep
– During meditation
– To end your yoga practice with
– During your work/screen break time
– If you have a migraine
– On aches and pains anywhere on the body

Pattern may vary slightly depending on availability of fabric that has been cut to make each eye pillow.