Organic La Terra Il Cielo Linguine - 500g

Organic La Terra Il Cielo Linguine - 500g

La Terra Il Cielo

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La Terra e Il Cielo White Linguine - 500g

The “pasta di semola” line contains all the traditional forms of “La Terra e il Cielo” pasta and ranks as the best selling pasta in both the Italian and the foreign market.

This Italian pasta, made simply from organic wheat, represents an irreplaceable element in the traditional Mediterranean diet. It guarantees the highest quality together with nutritional benefits and a great taste. A superb quality tagliatelle.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: add pasta to boiling water in an open pan and cook for approximately 11 minutes until tender but firm for that perfect "al dente" texture. Drain before use.

Ingredients: Organic durum wheat flour, water* * Permitted non-organic ingredient Packaging: Polypropylene with label printed on paper (natural bois)