Organic Stoneground Rye Flour - 1.5Kg

Organic Stoneground Rye Flour - 1.5Kg


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Organic Stoneground Organic Rye Flour - 1.5kg

Bacheldre Watermill's Traditionally Crafted Stoneground Organic Rye Flour. Naturally lower in gluten than wheat flour. Milled from the whole rye grain. Makes a dense, rich flavoured bread.

Rye grain is from a hardy cereal grass and is a member of the wheat family (Triticeae) and is also closely related to barley. It contains a different type of gluten, sticky rather than stretchy, and is naturally lower in gluten than wheat, producing a close textured crumb in the bread. It is ideal for sour dough and European dark breads.

Bacheldre Watermill use a blend of old and new equipment to produce the finest flour possible. Time is taken to source the best grains possible which are then slowly and gently stoneground in order to produce flours with all the goodness of the wheat germ.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ingredients: Organic rye flour.

Allergens: (Rye) GLUTEN

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