Pack of 4 &Keep Loofah Kitchen Sponge Scourers


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Pack of 4 loofah kitchen sponge scourers in a bright and cheerful box.

Save ££ with this bulk buy of our cleaning bestseller!

Compostable, plant-based sponge scourers for your plastic-free home.

These highly absorbent, compostable, all-in-one sponge and scourers are made entirely from natural renewable materials - cellulose and sisal.

This pack of four cellulose sponges with a loofah scrubbing top are the perfect replacement for classic sponges and scourers made of petrochemical compounds and plastic. 

They are reusable and at end of life, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

These all-purpose sponges are hygienic, durable, tear-resistant, non-abrasive, environmentally friendly, vegan, reusable & fully biodegradable. Phew 😅.

As they are machine washable, they can be used over and over again.