Kraft Paper Packaging Tape 48mm x 50m

Tabitha Eve

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50m Roll of Strong Eco Friendly Parcel Packing Tape.

Sustainable paper packaging tape. Unbleached smooth paper backing and solvent free adhesive.

Used by SW Coast Refills to pack and wrap our parcels securely for all our online deliveries. We recommend this product - its robust, outperforms other similar products and provides an eco friendly alternative to plastic tape.

Paper packaging tape is the ecologically friendly way to package. It's suitable for sealing of cartons, boxes, envelopes or gifts and is great for recycling.

It's unbleached smooth paper backing and solvent free adhesive make it environmentally friendly.

The core of each roll is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The tape itself consists of unbleached paper that contains 80% recycled fibres.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

ORIGIN: Paper ethically sourced from EU, Tape manufactured in the UK

Why is it fabulous?

This eco-friendly tape is made from a renewable resource (kraft paper). It is both recyclable AND biodegradable, and looks much nicer than plastic tape on your parcels!