Jungle Culture Bamboo Razor Stand

Jungle Culture

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Metal / Bamboo Razor Stands for Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razors 

Razor stand only to fit our range of bamboo safety razors. Also available: Metal Safety Razor Stands.

We also stock the accompanying safety razors!

Our safety razors stands are made using a weighted metal alloy with a bamboo wooden finish to ensure that your razor is kept organised and clean.

Each razor stand is colour matched to fit perfectly with our range of sustainable, eco-friendly safety razors.

Our safety razor stands are not suitable for use with safety razors from other companies. The base is custom engineered to only Juncle Culture razors. If you have an alternative razor type, please feel free to bring it with you into store and check the fit. 

The stand will protect your blade from blunting, and protect it from laying in water and any damage from falls. All of the razor stands have a weighted and ventilated base, including ample depth for the handle of your safety razor.

Please note the safety razor is not included.