Recycled Cotton Indian Rag Rug

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Recycled Cotton Indian Rag Rug 130cm x 85 cm

Indian Rag Rugs ❤️🧡💛💚💙
Every home needs a splash of colour from time to time! They’re an instant crowd pleaser and bring comfort to linoleum, tiled and hardwood floors. They’re so blissful under foot, we have one in our kitchen, handy for washing up or standing preparing dinner! They can be used in any room, they’re so soft and comfy especially when you often walk barefoot like we do! 👣
They offer warmth on cold flooring too, great for when you’ve just woke up alongside the bed. These Indian rugs are lovingly hand made from recycled cottons and recycled textiles including jute and denims.
They measure 130cm x 85ish cm (very accurate we know but they’re all quite individual!)