Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bag

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One Individual, Organic Cotton Plastic Free Tea Bag - 9cm x 9cm 

Made with organic cotton (natural, unbleached). 

Perfect for leaf and fruit teas, even coffee. Fill the bag with your desired tea/coffee and stew. Squeeze the bag and enjoy your drink! They can also go in tea pots too. 3 sides are stitched, with an opening for your tea leaves. A small drawstring to close. The bags are made according to the GOTS standard and are GOTS certified. 

Did you know tea bags contain plastic? Yes, seriously!  A single plastic tea bag can release 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles into a single cup of tea, according to new research. Eww, we don't want to be drinking that! Make the swap to reusable tea bags and also ditch any unwating packaging too! It’s probable that most haven’t given much thought to the sustainability of teabags, but here’s some news for you if you didn’t already know: most paper teabags are only 70-80% biodegradable, as they are made with plastic polypropylene – A lot of paper teabags are also treated with epichlorohydrin, a potential carcinogen used in the production of epoxy resins.


Simply add loose tea, enjoy a fresh cuppa, then rinse or wash and enjoy again and again.  Wash by turning inside out and composting all the tea. Soak in cold water to help prevent stains. Hand wash in your sink with a little washing up liquid, then a quick rinse under the tap. Line dry. For a deeper clean, soak the tea bag for a few hours in vinegar and water(apple cider or white vinegar) 1 part vinegar to two parts water. If the tea bag was used for tea with milk - hand wash after each use. If no milk, rinse and reuse 1-2 times (same day) and then hand wash. 

Other Uses:

The bags can also be used for whole spices in cooking such as homemade bouquet garni. Use to infuse or flavour sugars, sauces or even use in the bath for tea bath- just don’t mix them!

  • Made with organic cotton (natural, unbleached), which is easier to rinse and wash.
  • Reduces packaging waste and the energy and resources used to produce commercial tea bags.
  • This bag is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • The string is long enough for using this bag with mugs or with a teapot.
  • The string is natural unbleached organic cotton, with no dye.
  • Long-lasting, washable and a reusable alternative to disposable filters and to metal-based ones.
  • Measures  9cm x 9cm
  • Simply add loose tea, enjoy a fresh cuppa, then rinse or wash and enjoy again and again.