Reusable Tea Strainer

Reusable Tea Strainer


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Introducing Re:gn's Tea Strainer: eco-friendly, plastic-free, and perfect for tea lovers!

No more plastic-lined tea bags! Enjoy loose leaf tea guilt-free. 

Replace your throw away, single use tea bags with this fantastic stainless steel Reusable Tea Strainer.

Did you know that nearly all tea bags have plastic lining on them? So does not degrade in compost or in soil! So why not get some loose leaf tea and enjoy with our plastic-free tea strainer. Zero Waste plastic free tea strainer is perfect for having loose leaf tea without feeling guilty about throwing plastic lined tea bags in the big.

Wide mouth & handle means it is easy to hold in the hand, and fits any cup, mug or teapot.
Handles on both sides for easy use & protection from hot steam.


Super fine mesh for even the finest of tea leaves, no mess.
Dishwasher safe, rust-free.

Food-grade stainless steel keeps tea pure.

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