Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Onsuri


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ONSURI, a perfect gift or essential pantry item.

The finest extra virgin oil, clear and transparent and absolutely without compromise. Onsuri elevates from ‘special’ to unique

Looking to boost your immune system and create dishes full of flavour?

From their single estate family farm, Onsuri extra virgin olive oils are carefully selected for their subtle flavors which vary year to year.

Experience and expert pairings conjure a taste for finer things as sommeliers from Onsuri harmonise notes and aromas creating the perfect sensory experience.

Premium, Healthy & Authentic world-class Single Family Estate Extra Virgin Olive oil from Jordan of 215,000 olive trees over 120 hectares (300 Acres).

Planet-friendly choices should be a simple pleasure, and Onsuri strives to ignite that potential in kitchens around the world.

Size 1 Litre (33.8 fl oz)