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Vegan Coconut & Kale Dahl Curry - 400g

Geo Organics

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Geo Organics | Vegan Coconut & Kale Curry | 1 x 400g

A popular yet simple dahl made from yellow split peas and flavoured with tomato, ginger, coriander, chilli & turmeric. Tasty, convenient and versatile, this dahl makes a satisfying lunch or snack, side of plate or you can even use it as a base for a curry.

Product details
This product is :- Vegan, Organic

water coconut milk* (14%) yellow split peas* onion* tomato* kale* (3%) sunflower oil* ginger puree* garlic powder* sea salt coriander leaf* chilli powder* turmeric* curry powder* (turmeric* coriander* onion powder* chilli powder* cumin* black pepper* fenugreek* sea salt garlic powder* ginger* fennel*) *Organically Produced
Please see manufacturers website for updated ingredients.