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Washing Up Organic NoSponge

The Stitchery Dorset

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Eco Friendly Washing Up Organic NoSponge by The Dorset Stitchery.

Handmade dual sided cleaning NoSponge in pretty organic cotton with a scrim back made with an organic bamboo core.

Your sponge may come in a variety of prints similar to those pictured. If you would prefer a particular colour, please just drop us a message after placing your order.

Eco Friendly Printed Washing Up NoSponge with Scrim Backing. Made by hand in a small sewing studio in Dorset.

The NoSponge uses more than 75% Organic Cotton and Bamboo. An
Eco-friendly and durable alternative to plastic disposable sponges!

Lint free, plastic free and quick drying with antibacterial properties. Machine washable!

Our handmade dual sided cleaning NoSponge has one side of printed organic cotton and the other is an absorbent scrim (linen and cotton mix).

The NoSponge has an organic bamboo core which is super absorbent and has the added benefit of being naturally anti-bacterial.

The Scrim backing on this NoSponge is great to eradicate nasty tea stains. The scrim is a beautiful high quality finely woven fabric and is made from a blend of linen and cotton fibres which gives it its own unique feel.

Making small changes to sustainable/environmentally friendly kitchen products will have you well on the way to a plastic-free life.

Washing up and Care:
Rinse the NoSponge and hang up to dry using the cotton hanging loop, this will help to prolong lifespan and allow it to dry between washes.
Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not use fabric softener - it reduces the absorbency of the bamboo core. Do not tumble dry.

NoSponge Size:
Width – 8.5cm (3 1/2″)
Height – 13cm (5 1/4″)
Depth – 3mm (1/8″)

Due to the handmade nature of these sponges there may be slight differences in colour and pattern positioning. There may be some shedding of fibres for the first few washes. This sponge will stain over time.