Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People

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Werewolf is a party game of lies, deceit, & accusations. The question remains: Are you devious enough?

Start your next game night off with this must-have party game!

Superb card deck based game of strategy and role play for up to 35 people (or two 20 person games!)

The most well-designed Werewolf game that exists, the Werewolf deck comes with over 50 cards made from casino-quality paper with a black core to avoid any see-through detection.

It also includes special characters like the Village Drunk, Alpha Werewolf, Witch, and Wild Cards so you can create your own roles.

  • Ages 10+  |  20+ Minutes  |  7-35 Players
  • Card size: 2.5" x 3.5" inches.
  • Deck includes: 20 Villagers, 10 Werewolves, 8 Wild Cards, 2 Seers, 2 Doctors, 2 Moderators, 2 Village Drunks, 2 Witches, and 2 Alpha Werewolves.

Recommended Age: 10+ Years

Product Reviews:

Edward Manktelow

February 17, 2021 One of the best games in the world

Amazing game really good ideal for big party’s or bbqs

Angela Cahill

December 27, 2020

Great easy & fun Game for kids and families

So much fun! Bought this for my 13, 11 & 9 so they could play with all their friends and I wouldn’t need to keep giving out roles. Opened the deck at a Christmas party, played almost immediately with little time spent on figuring out the game. We had between 7-15 people, kids and adults from 8-45, playing at any given time and we all loved it. Such a fun game! I do think we could use more instructions, kids have a knack for finding loop holes, lol.