Shark Replacement Safety Razor Blades x5 Pack


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5 Replacement Double Edged Razor Blades for Safety Razors 

Designed to fit all safety razors - Universal Fit!

Disposable razor cartridges are practically impossible to recycle, and they’re expensive! Not to mention the copious amount of plastic they are packaged in.

Our universal double edged razor blades will fit in pretty much any safety razor and fit our razors. They come individually wrapped in paper.


  1. Store your used blades in a metal tin
  2. When full close the top of the tin with plyers so none can esacape
  3. Write on the outside of the tin with a marker pen saying RAZOR BLADES
  4. Put in your normal recycling

Please note that blades are recyclable but do not throw them in with your normal recycling for obvious reasons. Check with your local recycling centre as to the best way to recycle these as not all accept!


Since swapping to a plastic free reusable razor I have been amazed at how easy they are to use and there is no plastic waste at all!

That's why we are stoked to stock these razor blades. We are the only vendor in Weymouth of these refill blades.