Bamboo Toothbrush Holder


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f.e.t.e ™ (from earth to earth) natural bamboo toothbrush holder is 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, sustainable & vegan.

De clutter your bathroom and ensure your bamboo toothbrush can dry properly after each use with our elegant, natural, bamboo stand for a single brush (suitable for all f.e.t.e toothbrushes – both children’s and adult’s)

This very popular accessory looks great on the shelf and helps keep the bathroom tidy as well as reducing plastic waste in our environment. So, don’t just stand there (sorry 😄) order yours today!

Toothbrush holder is made from sustainably sourced organic bamboo and fits all types of bamboo brushes. It has a simple drainage hole at the bottom and a flat base so it will stand on the edge of your bathroom sink, windowsill or shelf.

Our bamboo toothbrush holder is here to keep your dental product hygienic. Your bathroom is the place where you freshen up. Moreover, it’s also important to keep it tidy and organised. If you still have plastic storages in there, allow us to show you why bamboo holder is the best choice. Bacteria-resistant Bamboo has the natural ability to fight bacteria. You wouldn’t want germs sitting on your toothbrush, right? If left dirty, it will go mouldy faster as a result. Our bamboo toothbrush holder is best with a bamboo toothbrush. Take advantage of its antimicrobial benefits!

This holder is crafted to perfectly keep your toothbrush in place. It’s very portable and saves more space as well. In addition, It’s also travel-friendly. Just toss it in your bag and you’re ready to go! Effortless cleaning It has a drainage hole at the bottom so that it doesn’t get filled with water. Not only it prevents mould from spreading, but also keeps it from forming on your toothbrush. For a longer lasting holder, just wash it with soap. Let dry afterwards.

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The perfect accessories for the eco-conscious and super-stylish traveller. A beautifully simple and elegant design, the all natural f.e.t.e travel case has a removable top and a drainage hole in the bottom to allow your toothbrush dry naturally. (suitable for all f.e.t.e toothbrushes – both children and adults.) Our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable