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Meet the incredible new kitchen drawer go-to essential! Plus, they’re made right here in the UK.

FixIts is your convenient, easy go-to product that can be used almost anywhere without mess or fuss. Simply heat up a stick in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute to soften, mould and mend; then watch as FixIts solidifies before your eyes. Seem familiar? You may have caught them on Dragon’s Den earlier this year!

FixIts has no expiry date so hold onto left over bits for later. Made a mistake? No problem! FixIts are endlessly remouldable, simply heat it to reshape it.

Don’t bin it when you can FixIts!

These fun colourful FixIts sticks bring new life and vibrancy to your old, damaged household items. Not only are they great for yourself, they make for the perfect gift set. This set of 8 has a variety of coloured sticks, packed in a reusable metal tin that you can keep for life, just like the sticks themselves. 

Melt FixIts in 60 degrees of water in order to remould them around damaged cables or even cupboard legs to keep them alive and in the best condition possible. It’s the perfect innovative eco-friendly product with no harmful substances, even when it has been heated up. You can keep your old things alive instead of throwing them away by either using the entire melted stick or just by using small pieces you’ve broken off.


  1. Heat it, Dunk it (for 1 minute).
  2. Remove it and get fixing, creating, adapting and more.
  3. You can heat it using kettle boiled water (in a glass or ceramic cup) or with a hairdryer on hot (really useful for smaller fixes). 
  4. Not only that but any leftover pieces you have can be saved and reheated later. 


  • prolong the lifespan of so many items!
  • handy for seasonal decor and securing decorations too!
  • reuse endlessly again & again simply reheat and remould it as many times as you like!
  • Save money and waste - Repair and save money by not having to buy anything new! 


  • Made from a bioplastic EN14995 for compostability
  • Quick to use - Changing states from solid to softened back to Solid in around 5 minutes
  • Non Toxic
  • Made in the UK
  • A Single FixIts stick can hold over 16kg of weight
  • FixIts don’t have an expiry date
  • Different colours can be combined to create new colours or patterned effects
  • Is tough, impact resistant and hard wearing
  • Can be textured and painted on, perfect for model making and miniatures
  • Can be made thin (and flexible) or thick (and stiff)
  • Each stick is 150mm x 16mm x 3.5mm
  • FixIts is electrically insulating, but we advise you to stick to household electrical items under 24 volts.