Huski Rice Husk Lunch Box with Carry Handles

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Rice husk lunchbox with twin compartments. Made by Huski Home. Available in choice of three colours, duck egg blue, pistachio green or blush pink. 

Consists of main compartment in the bottom of the lunchbox, with a tray above, perfect for sliced products such as cheese, meats, or sandwich fillings. Secure clasp closure with hinged lid, to protect the food and prevent leaking. Collapsible carrying handles. Made from old rice husks which would otherwise go to waste. Non-toxic, melamine, BPA & silicone free. Sustainable lunchbox and kitchenware. Suitable for hot & cold foods. Main compartment holds 850ml, and the upper compartment holds 300ml. 

Reduce, reuse and refill with a 100% natural and biodegradable lunchbox made from recycled rice husks.

  • Made using biodegradable rice husk
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Great for taking food when on the go
  • Twin walled – keeps hot food warmer for longer
  • Non-toxic, BPA & Silicone-free
  • 15cm x 15cm x 9cm
  • Top compartment holds 300ml
  • The main compartment holds 850ml
  • Available in Rose, Duck Egg, and Pistachio

Twin walled, perfect for keeping food warm. 100% Biodegradable!

Two compartments for maximum food storage Top layer can double as a plate - we love this!

Non-toxic, BPA & Silicone free

Made from sustainable recycled rice husks.

Made from recycled rice husks, these reusable lunch boxes can help save a tonne of waste and help the environment by reusing rice husks that are destined to be burned, which isn't too good for the planet. Untreated rice husk needs to be burned in order to disappear and that is terribly bad for the environment. Recycled rice husk, however, is biodegradable, meaning if you put it in the ground it will eventually break down and dissolve. Rice husk is naturally strong, built of a naturally occurring silica that can help strengthen structures. This means it can be used in things like cinder blocks, brickwork, and other building materials and it won’t collapse in on itself. Another quality that makes rice husk a great material for lunch boxes, is due to the rice husks’ thickness, it becomes a great insulator, meaning it’s good for trapping in heat.

The lunch boxes themselves are reusable and made from recycled rice husks, the lunch boxes are biodegradable and sustainable.

Please note the handle contains PP polypropylene.

MATERIALS Recycled Rice Husks polypropylene & Paper Band Packaging with paper sticker.

Volume across twin compartments: 850ml