Magic Woman Seeded Greeting Card

Magic Woman Seeded Greeting Card

Loop Loop

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Magic Woman Greeting Card by LoopLoop.

This handmade card is made from 100% recycled cotton and is embedded with11 varieties of British perennial wildflowers and grass seed.

Soak this card in water and cover with a thin layer of well composted soil. Plant inside in Spring or Summer in a warm, light place or directly outside when the soil is ready and keep the card moist until seeds have germinated.

Its good for us and it’s good for the bees! 

This plantable card by Loop Loop is made from 100% recycled cotton and embedded with a single seed mix of centaurea flower seeds.

Once your loved one has enjoyed the lovely message you have sent them, they can plant the seed card afterwards to grow a patch of bright flowers! It’s good for us and it’s great for the bees too.

The seed card can be planted indoors, or outside when the temperature suits. Full instructions are on the back of the card.

The plantable card comes with zero plastic, and a kraft brown recycled envelope.

Please note, this is an m artisan products and like us, have quirks and differences. The colour may vary from plantable card to plantable card, so please be accepting of their individuality.