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Marseille Soap

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This chunky Marseille Soap Bar is a natural all-purpose cleaning soap.

This wonder-bar is plastic-free and non-toxic, offering a natural alternative to all those cleaning household products we use in our daily life! To see how wonderful, just take a look below to see how you can use this soap around your house!

This product has zero  packaging, is all natural and is therefore 100% eco friendly! 

• natural cleaning soap 
• palm oil free - contains organic olive oil instead!
• plastic free cleaner 
• all-purpose cleaning soap bar 
• no packaging 

Cut down on your use of multiple cleaning products, and replace them with this planet friendly bar of goodness.

The numerous uses of Marseilles Soap include cleaning your teeth, washing  your clothes, washing your dishes, body wash, shaving soap, insecticide, stain remover, general household cleaning as well as an being an indispensable travel companion.

Marseille soap bar is 100% natural and toxin-free. It’s kind to skin and helps  treat various skin conditions and infections, being also suitable for sensitive skin. 

Ingredients - 70% Organic Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, Water, Sea salt (Mediterranean)

Made in Marseille, France


Please note: The soap bar can turn white when dry. This is perfectly normal, this is the proof of quality and means the bar will last a long time. This is just the salt content, it will turn green again when wet or will stay green if used each day. 

Uses of Marseille Soap

1- Mint or Lemon Toothpaste.

Cut very fine pieces of your authentic Marseille soap. In a small glass jar, mix them with a little water. Allow the soap to dissolve for an hour, stirring occasionally. Add a few drops of organic peppermint essential oil (or lemon, as desired). Lightly dip your toothbrush in this toothpaste. Be sure to put very very little on your brush, because the mixture foams enormously in the mouth! You will neither taste nor smell soap, thanks to the tiny amount used and peppermint! 

2- Natural Shower Gel 

Shower gels and soaps very often contain ingredients that are toxic to health and / or the environment (methyl, EDTA, PEG, CI, perfume, petrolatum, silicone, benzyl, propyl, parafinium, acohol, sodium laureth sulfate, etc.). Marseille soap can replace all shower gels, soaps for hands, body, face, etc. Real Marseille soap is often recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin (eczema, allergies, etc.).

3- Shaving Soap 

Marseille soap is very foaming. It can be used as shaving foam for men's beards and shaving soap for the legs.

4- Ecological Laundry

In 15 minutes, you can easily make your own laundry soap for the next 3 months. It will not contain any products dangerous to your health or the environment. This detergent is much more economical than its ecological equivalent on the market (if equivalent there is!). You will need Marseille Soap, baking soda, water... and that's it!

5- Hand Washing

Rub your wet clothing on a block of Marseille soap. Distribute the foam on the garment and let stand 10 minutes (or rub a little), then rinse with water. This tip is particularly practical when travelling.

6- Eco Dish Washing 

To do your dishes by hand, rub your wet sponge directly on a block of Marseille soap.

7- Cleaning 

You can rub your sponge or wet cloth on Marseille soap and perfectly clean all surfaces that you can rinse with water: bathtub, sinks, sinks, garden furniture, ... To clean walls and floors, grate a tablespoon of soap in a bowl of warm water. Be careful not to put more soap than this dose. For surfaces that you cannot rinse (worktops, furniture, etc.), fill a spray bottle with mix two tablespoons of Marseille soap that you have grated and warm water add a cup of white vinegar and fill it up with water, then a few drops of organic lemon essential oil.

8- Stain Remover for Fabrics

Wet the stain, then rub your Marseille soap on it. Let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. Removes stains gently without removing colour.

9- Natural Insecticide

In a spray bottle, mix two tablespoons of Marseille soap that you have grated and warm water. Shake well. Spray on your insect infested plants. Repeat the following days if necessary.

10- The One Soap Travel Saviour!

A single piece of Marseille soap in your suitcase will replace many products: all types of soap, toothpaste, detergent, dishwashing product, multi-use cleaning product, etc. Minimalist luggage guaranteed!