Paleskin Peanuts - 100g

Paleskin Peanuts - 100g

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Paleskin Peanuts 1 x 100g serve

A low GI snack, naturally low in salt and an excellent source of 'good' monosaturated fats. Not really nuts at all, peanuts are from the legume family and grow in pods. They carry a very high proportion of protein which is equal to many meats. They are extremely high in B vitamins, particularly pantothenic acid (an anti-stress vitamin) and are also rich in vitamin E, iron and zinc.

A handful daily (approx 30g) of peanuts can help lower blood cholesterol, and can reduce the risks of developing heart disease. Peanuts have the lowest 'GI' (glycaemic index) of all the nuts, in fact at just 14 they are on a parallel with green vegetables!

Ingredients: Paleskin Peanut