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Cleaning Bicarbonate of Soda by SESI

Suitable for a huge range of general household cleaning purposes. Use on stubborn stain removal, laundry, refreshing the washing machine, removal of moulds and mildew.

A safe and effective general cleaner, good for deodorising, whitening, brightening and as a gentle abrasive. Due to its powder form, it is also great at absorbing grease and spills.

SESI are a great social enterprise we are proud to stock. They take back and refill the bulk containers they supply to us, meaning the entire supply chain of SESI products from manufacture to your doorstep has no plastic waste. All their products are vegan, biodegradable and cruelty-free.


Suggested use includes: Use as gentle abrasive to clean hard surfaces such as sinks, worktops etc.
Keep in an open pot in the fridge to absorb odours.

packaging: own container or brown paper gusseted bag.

WARNING: Not for human consumption, Keep out of reach of children. Can cause eye irritation - flush the eyes with water for
several minutes, seek medical advice if irritation persists.


SESI products are all vegan, biodegradable and ethically manufactured.  Transparent with their ingredients and processes, they are dedicated to reducing waste generated by houshold and cleaning products.   Not only do we fill your bottles from their 20l drums, saving over 20 single use plastic bottles each time, they then collect the empty 20l drums from us and refill them too - making it a completly closed loop from manufacturer to your doorstep!

SESI products do not contain: Parabens, Chlorine Bleaches, Optical Brightener, Thiazolinones, Sulphites, Methylisothiazolinone (CMIT), Gluten, Alcohol, SLS, ALS, ALES, Formaldehyde, Quanternium or Phosphates.

Manufactured for SESI by independent family firm in the UK.

Please note our 100g Refill product is only available for click & collect or local delivery in the instance that we already have your container. if we do not already have your container, please order a 500g or 1Kg bag.