Culinary Coconut Oil (Organic) - 320g

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Grown by farmers co-operative in the Philippines. The freshly harvested coconuts are split open and laid to dry. The dried coconut flesh is warmed and pressed to extract the oil which is then gently steamed to remove the coconut taste and odour, making it ideal for cooking.

Culinary Uses: A delicious, fine quality oil for baking, roasting and high temperature frying. Also perfect in stir fries. Coconut oil can also affect hormone and blood-sugar regulation for the positive. It boosts metabolism, energy, and endurance while increasing digestion and the ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Coconut oil also aids in the fight against viruses, bacteria, yeast overgrowth, fungus, and candida due to its stellar antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Bam. Tell me it’s not a miracle food.

Beauty and Other Uses: Eye make up remover, hair deep conditioning treatment, natural body moisturiser. Made purely from coconuts – nothing added!

Certified from organic farming. Becomes liquid at 25 C and over. Naturally saturated. No trans-fatty acids.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil.