Vegan Teak Leaf Leather Make Up Bag Small

Vegan Teak Leaf Leather Make Up Bag Small


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Make Up Bag Small in Leaf Leather - Green

Our vegan leaf leather make up bags are a stylish and environmentally friendly gift for her! It’s Jungley’s mission to change the way gifts are produced. Our wild collection of fashionable leaf leather makeup bags are available in a range of elegant, naturally dyed colours. The perfect gift for her special occasion. The leaves in our leaf leather have fallen naturally, so they’ll come in all sorts of unique textures and patterns. They’re then sustainably harvested, dyed and dried. For that added positive impact, for every bag bought, we’ll plant a tree. So you’ll give her a stunning durable makeup bag she’ll cherish, whilst also giving back to the planet!

Material: Vegan Teak Leaf Leather

Each of our vegan teak leaf leather products is made from fallen or sustainably harvested teak leaves, which are then dried and naturally dyed before being sealed with a very thin non-toxic laminate to preserve the material and provide durability.
For every item bought we’ll plant a tree. So, your loved one will be getting a unique and special gift and you’ll have made a positive difference to the planet!

Also Available: Make Up Bag Medium in Leaf Leather - Pink

Colour: Green

Dimensions: 13.2cm x 21cm x 5.5cm